So often we hear the phrase solopreneur, self-made person, they built it all themselves. Equally often we hear people wondering how to do that themselves. Life happens and you find yourself at a cross roads. You’d love to go it alone, but how?

Myth #1. They did it alone
What they did was lead. They had an idea and they made it happen. Leadership is about action, and that is what they do brilliantly.
To achieve success, they must have needed other people. In no particular order, they would have normally worked with their bank manager, a business mentor, a marketing guru, a manufacturing entity maybe, a website designer and/or developer, perhaps an accountant, certainly a friend or five to bounce ideas off of. The list goes on. Suddenly you have a constellation, and no one is on their own.

Myth #2. It takes a special kind of person
It takes confidence. That’s all really. The confidence that you can do it, and that your idea fills a need or solves a problem for someone. Well, for enough people to make a business case at least That confidence gives you the courage to go out there and become resourceful. Talk to the bank manager, get a business mentor, find out who needs your product and how to make it. You’ll be surprised at the amount of advice and help that is out there for new innovations these days. All it takes
is that first step.

Myth #3. They never had imposter syndrome
I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t had imposter syndrome at one point or another in their lives. Who’s better than who around here? Most of us are making it up as we go along, enjoying the journey with no idea where we’re headed apart from fame and fortune. Join the club.

To become an entrepreneur, you have to have an idea for a product that is new to the world, of value to lots of people and that you are willing to tweak and change until the business model works. In business innovation speak, you need a desirable idea that is feasible to produce and can develop into a viable business.

So go ahead. Look around you and be inspired. Take your time. If you have an idea, act on it. Lead on.