Perhaps the best place to start is to bin the word mindfulness. I’m not talking about a mystical path here nor am I just discussing the capacity to chill: or indeed any other preconception that mindfulness may have attached to the word. At Monkey’s Paw, we provide practical training in techniques to improve mental performance and reduce stress. A better description might be mental fitness training.

Ever reached for a cup of tea or coffee and found you’ve already drunk it without ever noticing?

Ever got to the bottom of a page of a report and realised you haven’t taken in a word?

Ever been in a meeting found your attention is on dinner, or the last episode of the Crown?

Well, you’re not alone. Our minds wander, that’s what they’re designed to do. Monkey’s Paw can teach you techniques to help manage where your attention goes and more importantly how to bring it back to where you want it to be: the meeting – the report – or your cup of tea (or coffee).

Have you ever wished you had a way to manage the dry mouth or butterflies in your stomach before you’re about to give a presentation, so you could speak more naturally, more convincingly? Monkey’s Paw can offer training to help you manage your nerves in presentations and meetings.

Ever found yourself thinking about a recent conversation or an e mail you’ve just received again and again and again. So much so that it stops you from being able to focus on the task you need to do next? Monkey’s Paw can teach you techniques that enable to let go of those repetitive thoughts and bring your attention to wherever it needs to be.

What we offer at Monkey’s Paw is a range of training options that will work with you or your team’s schedule. You will be shown techniques to help you improve your focus, your awareness your capacity to respond to a situation, rather than just react. You will learn ways to navigate your physical responses to stressful situations and thereby improve your ability to perform under pressure.

These are techniques for the workplace, they are accessible to everyone and they can be

If you are sceptical about mindfulness Matt Harris, the Wall Street trader responsible for a fund worth $72 billion, recently described how mindfulness very simply gave him: “A lot more clarity about his decision making.”

The best way I’ve found of sharing these techniques, is by applying them. So, we offer one to one and group sessions, where training is practical giving people the opportunity to discuss their experience of applying them in their workplace. How did that meeting/presentation/tough conversation go? How did you apply the techniques, what worked and what did not? This practical approach helps to achieve change quickly, but it also makes the techniques relevant.

We don’t offer a mystical path and to be honest this isn’t for the fainthearted either. But whatever
you call it, mindfulness – mental fitness training – or Bob – these techniques might just help you
improve your performance and manage your stress more effectively.