Brand in the Boardroom explains how your brand can drive your business success. It highlights how your brand can make your businesses more efficient and more effective. The key to this, is understanding how your brand connects the core functions of your business: operations, human resources, marketing, sales and finance. It is the relationship between each of these functions, and your ability to control that relationship, that will influence what people think about your business, and how they act, as a result.

This book has been written for anyone leading a small or medium size business. It’s been written for anyone who finds themselves in an increasingly competitive market; for anyone who wants to reach new customers; for anyone who is tired of competing on price; for anyone who struggles to recruit and retain the best people; for anyone who is frustrated by their position in the market; for anyone who wants to build customer loyalty; for anyone who has ambitions to break into new markets; for anyone who wants to increase their income; for anyone who needs to change perceptions of their business; for anyone who is planning to launch new products; or for anyone who wants to consolidate their position in the market.
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