Monkey’s Paw is a collective of Associates who work closely together, beyond Sales Training with one goal in mind. To ensure that your business grows.  Yes, we’re here to develop your Sales Team or build a Business Development strategy, but sometimes we’ll guide you through a Marketing and Digital Media plan to give you the best outcomes. Sometimes we’ll galvanise your team to be mindful and purposefully aligned with your strategy. Sometimes we are deployed to ensure that your corporate message or your internal and external communications are in perfect harmony across the business.

It is our mission to seamlessly weave these disciplines together to maximise your opportunities and ensure that your business machine runs as efficiently as it can.

Whether you decide to simply pick the Consultant that you need off the shelf for a specific requirement or if you decided to bring in the whole Team for a full diagnosis, it’s up to you. Either way, it is our job to integrate with your current systems and deliver exactly what you need. If all this sounds like an interesting conversation, we should talk…

Monkey’s Paw

The Origin of the name

Previously: A sailing knot. Tied to the end of a rope, thrown on to the quayside to moor a large sailing ship.

It was also used to connect thinner, lighter ropes to the thick mooring ropes. The thin ropes were far easier to throw to the quayside and it made pulling the heavy rope ashore much simpler. Because of this knot, the problem was solved.

Home: For us, this became a metaphor for two elements coming together to create a solution. This is who we are and this is how we got our name.


Oliver Dax

Sales Training and Business Development

Previously: Yell, Rightmove, DeVere Offshore Investments.

30 years experience working at high level in the B2B Sales and Business Development arena. Oliver trains sales strategy to companies across the UK. They become more confident and effective and that means they win more business.

Home: Shakespeare Addict, Art Lover, Theatre Lover, Music Lover, Book Lover, Animal Lover, Vegetarian, Politically Exhausted.


Margaret Oscar

Communications and Culture

Previously: Orange, O2, Tate & Lyle PLC, and John Lewis Partnership

20 years experience in using communications to drive better employee performance. Margaret helps organisations build better relationships with their people. That connection makes work more enjoyable, improving performance and organisational success.

Home: Total foodie, keen on water-sports, all things Spanish and the power of the written word – Board Director and co-founder of 26.


Sawsan Khuri

Innovation and Cross-sector Collaboration

Previously: Academic and Business Development freelance in USA and UAE.

20 years facilitating collaborative innovation across sectors and professions. Sawsan goes beyond traditional boundaries and encourages solutions to emerge at the collaborative intersections. This energises and enables businesses to unleash creativity, boost innovation and accelerate outcomes.

Home: Books, Sciencey Art, Global Cuisine, Yoga, Walking, Husband, Two Young People, Dog.


Jonathan Alder

Brand Development

Previously: Huddleston Associates, Visible Edge, Williams Lea.

30 years experience helping businesses harness the power of their brand. Jonathan creates brand strategies and brand identities that make an impact so ambitious businesses can launch new products, break into new markets and reach new customers.

Home: Family, Outdoors, Exercise, Music, Board Games, Museums.


Andrew McNeill

Leadership and Mindfulness Integration

Previously: Ministry of Justice, Transport for London, Cabinet Office.

25 years in Senior Leadership. 6 years integrating mindfulness into corporate strategy, planning and delivery. Teams collaborate cohesively and learn to manage their stress better. This results in much better mind set, mental health and as a consequence their performance greatly improves.

Home: Walking, Family, Meditation, Qi-Gong, Escaping Netflix.