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Right from the get-go, Oliver’s enthusiasm to hit the ground running was second to none. This genuine and authentic care Oliver has for other people’s welfare, was soon manifested into his relationship building with new prospects. Oliver came into a very challenging role here at HWC; as a result, he was often working on his own and had to use his own initiative a lot of the time. Yet nothing phased him and he seemed to almost relish this opportunity to make a difference. Which he did. In a challenging industry and service area, he managed to create important strategic relationships with many FTSE 100 contacts in a relatively short time period.

Claire Bedwell, Client Services Director, HWC Ltd., Exeter

Oliver is one of the nicest, friendliest and hard working people I have met. You would never hear anyone say a bad work about Oliver, because he just puts everyone else first and is genuinely interested in them and how he can help them.

Chris Burke, Partner, The Spectrum IFA Group., Barcelona

His commitment to his team, bringing out the best in everyone, and professionalism is contagious. His unique style of management has resulted in success, and gained him the respect he rightly deserves. Oliver is focused, determined and commited with endless enthusiasm.

Tracey Brady, Area Manager, Alexander Peter Wealth Management., Javea

The specific training modules we worked on were incredibly helpful. We always knew that a few pointers and some killer lines and questioning techniques were all we needed. Turns out we were right. The results were remarkable. The guys at Monkey's Paw were patient and genuinely helpful with a sincere desire to get us to our next level.

Rob Lindsay, Managing Director, Ramp Audio Ltd., Exeter

The whole approach worked for us. The one to one nature of the training and the short sessions in which it was delivered. Then taking it out to the market and trying out what we'd learned. The debriefs and follow-ups were really informative, relaxed and light hearted. Exactly as we like to work ourselves. We now have an ongoing training strategy moving forward with Monkey's Paw. Confidence, technique and results have all improved. It just works.

Duncan Horton, Managing Director, Motors For You Ltd., Nottingham

The Monkey's Paw referrals blog. What a great blog and insight. Brilliant, really brilliant.

Doug Tucker, International Sales Trainer & Author, The Sales Commando, Dubai

Oliver's relaxed nature made the training sessions a very informative and enjoyable experience. I would strongly recommend Monkey's Paw services to anyone who is looking to gain a better understanding of how to obtain quality new clients in a professional manner.

Lindsay Carr, Director, Evolve Video Marketing, Exeter

Monkey’s Paw provide coherent and relaxed training that covers a multitude of sales techniques. I found the day engaging and valuable and would recommend it to any business that needed to develop it's sales techniques.

David Kilkelly, Director, Blinkback Video, Exeter

It was a great night because of innovative and inventive presentations like yours.

Phil Deem, Exeter Business Support, Exeter

I highly recommend Oliver's sales training events. Oliver has distilled the most important elements of the sales process with practical application and role play exercises to deliver an excellent programme. I particularly benefitted from Oliver's presentation of the overall sales process, 'DISC' profiling and how to win referrals. Oliver is an excellent trainer and I highly recommend him and his courses to you.

Richard Purkis, Director, Isca Cost Management Ltd., Exeter

I learned so much when I attended your course. Highly recommended.

Joanne Manville, Owner, Virtual Assistant, Exeter

Oliver is a natural. He trained me to train by telling me just five minutes before, that I would be conducting a training session for a team of advisers to explain the functions of a financial product. I cursed him for doing it to me at the time - ten minutes in and you couldn't shut me up. Because of that experience, my fear of public speaking was diminished. I can't recommend him highly enough!

Tracey Brady, Owner, TB Copywriting, Javea

Starting out in business you can feel isolated and overwhelmed with a to-do list a mile long. It helps to have an experienced mentor who can help set you on the right track. Non-judgemental and wise, Oliver is highly experienced in mentoring business owners. Over the years he's developed a sixth sense in seeing things clearly and identifying ways forward. He saw me more clearly than I do, and was able to evaluate my ideas improve on them massively, and tell me when I was barking up the wrong tree. After spending two hours with Oliver I came away with actionable steps towards making connections and getting more business. Not only is he a great business consultant but he's also an entertaining public speaker. And he loves his dog.

Anita Butler, Owner, Raw Text, Brixham

Oliver made us feel at ease even during role play that I normally dislike. I found it very beneficial and would highly recommend. Improvement level – Significant.

Georgia Parkhouse, Business Development, Hanlon's Brewery, Exeter

MONKEY’S PAW was created by Oliver Dax.

Oliver’s background has been in Business Development stretching back to 1990. In a wide variety of sectors and an even wider variety of territories. From setting up distributors in 13 different countries from Iceland to Romania for a large construction business, to developing a thriving offshore investment office on the Costa Blanca following two years in Barcelona building a lucrative client database of both private and corporate clients.

After returning to the UK, Oliver worked with such established organisations as Yell, BT, Rightmove, eventually returning to Devon to work with an independent software business, helping open the doors to a number of FTSE 100 companies including Tesco, Burberry, HSBC, British Airways and BSkyB.

With over 27 years of experience of Business Development, Oliver decided to create a new Business Development Training Consultancy that not only offered genuinely helpful guidance for B2B businesses, but one that did not walk away from the client just as the help was needed the most.