If you’re running or part of a high-pressured business, you might well wonder why Monkey’s Paw is offering mindfulness services, when your key concern is helping your business prosper in these troubled times. What has mindfulness got to do with leading a team or improving sales? After 25 years in senior leadership, I’d say it’s got everything to do with it.

Mindfulness – 5 reasons why

1. Improve your pitch: ever gone into a meeting, maybe pitching for that big deal, the one that you know will secure the firm, your team, your family for the year ahead, that one and found that your stomach has tied itself into a reef knot, your mouth is dry and you’re struggling to remember your costings? If anything, even close to this, has ever happened to you and you have thought managing your nerves could improve your performance, then mindfulness can help.

2. Better team collaboration: successful teams work well together, the capacity to fully listen to the people around you and reflect on what is being said can transform team dynamics and effectiveness, mindfulness can help.

3. Learn to pause: ever pressed send on an email and immediately regretted it, or barked at a colleagued, when they’d just got you at the wrong time. How much time do you think you could have saved if you hadn’t had to rebuild those relationships? How much cost is there when we just react when we’re upset? If we can learn to respond rather than react, we can avoid that cost. Mindfulness can help.

4. Improved wellbeing: do you or members of your team get stressed, a sense of pressure becoming overwhelming that is unhealthy and has gone beyond the positive push to hit a target or complete a task? Stress can wipe people out, remove them from the team and eventually lead to burn out and worse. Mindfulness can help.

5. More creative: do you ever look at competitors and think, where did they get that idea, or find yourself stuck with a sense that you can’t find your way through something? Guess what? Mindfulness has been used in the creative industries for decades to help their creatives be creative. This is not by accident. Mindfulness can help.

I would say this wouldn’t I? I’m selling mindfulness services! But there’s a reason I and Monkey’s Paw offer Mindfulness training as part of its suite of services. As a Director in various organisations, including the UK Civil Service I have seen the effect mindfulness can have on a team’s effectiveness. But you don’t have to believe me, there are over 4,000 studies into the effectiveness of mindfulness in many areas including leadership.

Another reason you might want to think about bringing in these services, is that your competitors are already doing so. Mindfulness is no longer the preserve of Silicon Valley and London’s Shoreditch. HSBC, Roche, EY, Dentons and Lloyds Bank all have well established mindfulness programmes. There’s a reason for that too…